Triple Homicide Arrest

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Residents of a Janesville mobile home community are in shock tonight, after a family there is murdered. Police say by one of their own neighbors.
The Rock County Sheriff's Department, working with Janesville Police, arrested 47-year old James C. Keopp last night for driving while intoxicated, after a half-hour long high-speed chase.
Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden says, "The vehicle and it's operator were weaving and basically looked as if they were intoxicated. So he initially was attempting to make a traffic stop based on the vehicle being possibly an intoxicated driver."
The sheriff's department quickly realized their DWI suspect was also their murder suspect.
Law enforcement had been conducting interviews and investigations since the triple homicides last friday. Koepp, who lived in the same mobile home development as the three victims had become the main "person of interest".
Police arrested him for intentional 1st degree homicide today, to the surprise of his friends and neighbors.
"It's a shock, they say it's always person next door, but you just never think of that and believe me I'd never think he was capable of a crime like this," says neighbor Steve Stibbe.
Stibbe lives just a few units down from Koepp, and used to spend time with him. Another neighbor had a visit from Koepp just yesterday afternoon.
"He said he had had sexual realtions with Danielle [Danyetta] at one point and that's when I got to thinking, well, dude, you might be a prime suspect of interest," says Don Stibbe.
Don Stibbe says Koepp admitted he was a suspect when he came over and he seemed distraught. Meanwhile the community is relieved he's off the streets.
Don Stibbe also says Koepp is a sex offender. That's uncomfirmed by the Sheriff's Department. They won't release any other information that could compromise the case at this time.
The district attorney expects to charge James Koepp on Friday with three counts of first degree intentional homicide for the deaths of Danyetta Lentz, 38, and her two children Scott, 14, and Nicole, 17.
He'll also expected to be charged with knowingly fleeing an officer, driving while intoxicated and reckless endangering of safety.