Coco Key Water Resort

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"It's so fast and dark."

It's a hooky day for these Stateline home schooled kids. Instead of diving into books, they're splashing around Coco Keys Water Resort.

"It is fun, I really enjoy it," says Aiesha Thompson.

If three giant water slides aren't cool enough, try a lazy river, water basketball court and a dunk under the water bucket.

Even though the water park is geared towards kids, it's built so parents can enjoy it too.

"I think it's set up where you can see everything so if you wanna watch your kids and have a good time you don't feel like you have to move all over the place to look for you children, you could see them," says parent Angela Phillips.

Parents can also enjoy indoor and outdoor hot tubs or a drink at the bar. But nothing beats the excitement of jumping in.

"The water slides they're so nice they're nice and cool and fast really fast," Thompson says.

So whether you're an adventure seeker or a lazy lounger...There's one more place for family fun.

The water park cost about 20-million dollars to build. And holds one-hundred thousand gallons of water. Resort officials say you can expect to swim comfortably at a mild 84-degrees. Those at the Clocktower Resort hope you stay at the resort, because you get four free tickets to the water park.