Last School Choice?

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"Everything we've talked about can change before school starts, between now and then or anytime after that," says School Choice Specialist Kim Risley.

The three hours Erin Gates spent waiting to register her son for kindergarten could go to waste. She wants four-year-old Brandon to go to Rolling Green Elementary School next year, due to it's proximity to her home. But Gates says she's wary she'll get what she wants.

"We might end up sending him 15 miles away when there's a school right down the street and I don't like that," Gates says.

Right now school board leaders say the Gates residence is districted for Rolling Green . But that only counts if the student assignment plan is approved. Reasons why several parents hope school choice could be a thing of the past.

"I'm all for it. I think all the schools should be just as good as any of the other schools and you should just go to your neighborhood schools," says parent Amanda Maurer.

If the plan is passed, some parents are worried their kids would go to a school they don't want, while several school choice planners fear for their jobs. The Public Support Specialist says their staff of eleven would be cut down in half.

Kindergarten school choice goes on through February 16th. Then sixth and ninth grade is February 20th through March 9th. If you're new to the district, school choice appointments will be taken the second week of April.