Dangerous Driving Continues

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Monday night, It was still rough driving outside, especially on the roads less traveled by. Many back roads were still untouched by plows.
The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department says there were at least six accidents reported Monday in the county outside of Rockford.
Rockford police say there were also several within the city though no exact number there.
Mostly people have just been driving too quickly and sliding off the road. A Winnebago County Sergeant tells us to slow down, especially at intersections and leave more space between yourself and the car in front of you.
"The roads are still slick. They have been out working on the roads, but the main roads have got to come before the back roads, they may not come until tomorrow. As far as driving, just slow down," says Sergeant Paul Lapinski.
Sergeant Lapinski says the plows couldn't make it to the back roads Monday because it kept snowing all day long. The plows had to reclear main roads, before heading off the beaten path.