A Day of Commemoration

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As we reflect upon Martin Luther King Jr.'s life today, it's a day of rememberence of another kind for one Rockford family. Tonight, the Dowthard's held a candlelight vigil to remind all of us what violence can mean.
They're honoring a beloved brother, father and friend. As they look back on his life, they encourage others to remember Martin Luther King Jr.'s teachings and end violence and hatred.
Tyrone Dowthard would have been celebrating his 36th birthday today, Instead he was shot and killed on Jefferson Street in Rockford last May 23rd.
He was a father of five. His family describes him as a gentle man, involved in the community and dedicated to his family.
He was killed by a man who threatened to mug him, but shot him and took off without stealing anything. The man still has not been caught.
Today Tyrone's family urges everyone to put down the guns.
His sister Vickie Tripp says, "Try to focus on getting an education. Stop trying to go around getting an easy dollar. Go work for your money. Stop walking up on people shooting them and killing them, taking people's fathers, they uncles, they brothers, stop doing that."
If you have any information about the murder of Tyrone Dowthard, please contact Rockford CrimeStoppers.