Deadbeat Parents

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Illinois leaders are taking a scarlet letter approach to dealing with deadbeat parents. The state launched a new website Monday that gives the public a closer look at these offenders.

Meet some of Illinois' worst parents. Everado Cervantes owes nearly $96,000 in child support. James Douthitt owes more than $56,000, and Gina Fletcher has never paid any child support for her five children. A state website is putting deadbeat parents on display with their names, photos and last known addresses.

"I think it will make them feel bad and let everybody else know he isn't taking care of his stuff. I think it's excellent," says LaShae Lee.

LaShae Lee is battling 18-month-old Quaveano's father for child support. She's back at the state public aid office for the second time this month to get help.

"I've got to buy his stuff. He's a baby and he's growing everyday so he constantly needs stuff. It's hard for me, its' real hard for me," lee adds.

Lee says the website is a good idea. So far only the photos of eight men and two women are featured but eventually more than 200 faces of deadbeat parents will be on display.

Nearly 42,000 Illinois parents owe payments totaling $800 million. The new website will focus on parents who owe more than $5,000 in child support.

The director of Illinois's public aid department says the web site was designed to tell parents that they can't just fail to pay child support and then hide in the shadows.

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