Capital Improvements

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Rockford city aldermen spend a good portion of their night trying to determine how to get from point "A" to point "B." All agree that Rockford roads are deteriorating fast. In just 3 weeks aldermen have to decide how to fund these much needed repairs. A one-cent sales tax would bring $16 million and a 3/4% sales tax would mean $12 million. The third option is to bring back the former road referendum that affects your property tax. In a special meeting, aldermen also asked to look at all taxes to see where the money can come from.

City Administrator Jim Ryan states, "Is there any places we could make cuts? We will certainly look at the budget and see if there are any places we can make cuts. Obviously that will mean a cut in services and programs in certain areas. It will be up to the council to decide if that's appropriate. It's going to be difficult to raise enough revenue to do that as opposed to the sales tax." Aldermen will have a budget retreat on Saturday. You can bet that the Capital Improvement Plan is going to be brought up. City leaders are supposed to have some additional financial figures to provide aldermen. Once aldermen figure out how to fund road improvements then they will decide which roads will be fixed and when.