New Plans for Wilson Middle School

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Eighth graders at Wilson Middle School may never know what it's like to attend the Auburn High School campus as freshman. This is because Rockford School Board Leaders want to shut down Wilson so Auburn freshman can join the Fresh Start program by moving in. But not everyone likes this new plan.

"I'm disappointed for Wilson Middle School. My staff and students have worked tremendously hard," says Wilson Principal Dr. Thomas Schmitt

Wilson is just two years old. It used to be the Rockford Science and Technology Academy. So with the school's new name came new books, uniforms and teachers. Which mostly all of them would need to be replaced if school leaders approve the new student assignment plan.

"If the teacher does not have it's high school certification then they probably would be out of Wilson," Schmitt says.

School board leaders say those teachers could find new jobs at Kennedy or West Middle Schools. Which is also where Wilson students would go if the school shuts down. Some eighth graders say they don't mind the potential changes.

"It would be okay cause we know how it is here and the teachers so it wouldn't matter," says 8th grade student Kila Beray.

Schmitt says 40-percent of the student body is Spanish speaking. Those students would go to school at Eisenhower if the plan is approved.

If this new student assignment plan is approved, Wilson would gain about 300 students. But the prinicipal says overcrowding won't be an issue since just as many attended, when the school was the Rockford Science and Technology Academy.