Save Energy Costs

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The Energy Department estimates that the cost of keeping cool accounts for 44 percent of the typical household power bill during the summer months.

There are ways however to trim that costly electric bill without cutting down on your comfort.

With summer in full swing, stateline residents are looking for a way to cool down. That means air conditioner sales are on the rise and with that comes a hefty power bill.

There are ways however to cut down on the cost of keeping cool.

“A few more simple tips to cut down on that energy bill. Make sure you get your air conditioner cleared of all dust and debris. As that stuff builds up it forces your air conditioner to work even harder to blow out cool air. Also keep your curtains drawn in rooms that tend to get a lot of sunlight,” explains Rob Hoenie, an Assistant Manager at Menards.

Also make sure you get your air conditioner checked out by an expert once a year to make sure it's working efficiently.

By following these simple tips experts say you can save drastically on your energy bill helping both your wallet and the environment.