Sex Offender Disclosure

Sex Offender
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23 News first brought you the story of one local man's fight who doesn't think the state goes far enough to protect the safety of children, but is his fight going too far?

A rally was scheduled Saturday by a Belvidere man who is trying to gain the support of local and state politicians to ban convicted sexual offenders from living in apartment complexes that have children. The rally was cancelled, but his fight continues, but if this legislation goes through, will it infringe on the rights of sexual offenders who have paid their dues to society? It's a contentious issue, with no easy answers.

Sergio Guaderrma is moving out of his apartment at the Foxwood complex in suburban Belvidere, along with eight of his neighbors because he wasn't informed that a man who was playing with his children was a convicted sexual offender. He is trying to change that.

But when should the jail sentence of a sexual offender end? Some believe that the temptation to claim new victims won't end after incarceration, but one local family who lives down the street from a convicted sexual offender believes that parents should be responsible for their children, not the states.

Still, residents at Foxwood think the state owes children more.

Until this fight is resolved the Foxwood community will be watching the U.S. Supreme Court to see if they decide if state registries that disclose personal information of sex offenders is legal or not. Whatever the case, they say they will do what they can to protect their children.

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