New Maps Regarding Zoned Schools

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The Rockford School Board and more importantly both said try it again. So district leaders put together another plan that moves away from school choice and into school zones. At this point only middle and high school students are affected. The boundary lines were re-drawn after concerns that too many low-income students saturated certain schools. The latest maps show that Wilson will close freshmen students from Auburn will move down the street. Wilson students will then attend Kennedy and West. This move is intended to open up high school seats on the west side. With that move the district says the make-up in all 4 high schools and 7 middle schools evens out at least in terms of socio-economic levels. The bi-lingual program will be at Eisenhower and Guilford not East. Board members still think this whole process needs to be given more time. Board member Jay Nellis suggested that implementing zoned schools should be delayed for another year. Mike Williams says this experiment at Wilson should be a district wide change. Williams goes on to say, "This, I just can't see this as being a good move within the context of drawing boundaries."

Board member Jay Nellis states, "It seems to me that whether then perpetrating an act of force we out t engage in an act of dialogue and of asking and answering questions and take the time to convince people that we have the answers to these questions."

The board voted to wait to decide anything about these new maps till the January 23rd meeting. You will get your say regarding this new plan. A public forum has tentatively be set for January 16th.