New Maps Revealed for Student Assignment

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It's how the district wants to decide where our kids go to school. They're lines marking areas around Rockford Middle and High schools, so each school is equal racially, socioeconomically and in size. And tonight these lines will look rather different when Superintendent Doctor Dennis Thompson unveils a new plan.

"This has to be a plan that the community can embrace and I think we need to do a much better job than we've done so far in explaining it to the community and letting them understand why we're doing it," says school board member Jay Nellis.

School board members will discuss the new version of the student assignment maps tonight. It was originally proposed back in December. And after much complaint, new lines were drawn. While we can't release specifics until tonight's board meeting, we can tell you almost every middle and high school will be effected. But some say the changes are too drastic.

"I'm not happy with the new one at all as I was with the old one but I don't think any map we do will make anyone happy," Nellis says.

Board member Jay Nellis says the student assignment plan is moving too fast and wishes the board would wait to implement any changes until the 08-09 school year. As of now, the school board wants a new school assignment policy to take effect for next school year.

School board leaders say there most likely will not be a vote at tonight's meeting. This is so the community could participate in open forums on the student assignment policy within the next few weeks.