State Trooper May Now Have to Fill a Quota

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Illinois state troopers may now be under a little more pressure to do their job.

State police management is putting all troopers on a point-system to measure their job performance

Like many other districts throughout the state, Illinois State Police District 16 is now requiring its troopers to earn a certain number of points everyday. Failure to reach a monthly goal could result in disciplinary action.

The system rewards trooper’s points for anything from writing tickets, assisting motorists or helping at an accident scene and filing crime reports. The points are then tallied monthly and those who fall short could face such discipline as counseling and suspensions.

Although, the troopers union says the system is unfair because it mandates troopers to write more tickets at the end of the month.

Some drivers think the system will only be a positive thing if it does what they say it's going to do.

Illinois troopers have had a point system since the late 1980's but that was to mainly to catch those officers who were slacking on the job. But now the system applies to all troopers and is being implemented statewide.