Skeletal Remain Found In Winnebago County

A grim discovery in rural Winnebago county, brought out dozens of police officers, investigators and the coroners office.

“We are not finding any flesh at all which indicates these bones have been here a very long least six months but probably longer” Sue Fiduccia, Winnebago County Coroner.

The skeletal remains were found Sunday Jan. 7th by a teenager walking through the woods. It took the light of the next morning to conduct a full search. But even daylight wouldn't reveal additional clues. No clothes were found. They were either never there, or were deteriorated and carried off by the elements. So the focus turns towards what authorities do have. The bones found will be examined for signs of trauma. The age, sex and even race could be identified as well. Once that evidence is present police can narrow their search.

“When you start looking at a multi county area you have a significant number of people that are missing. Some are runaways, and there are others gone missing for what ever other reason they disappeared.”

Police hope to use missing person dental records, and teeth from the anonymous skeleton to make a match.