What it Takes to Be a Business Owner

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A dream that could have been lost all in one night as two men tried to rob Vinny's Pizza late Monday night.

Armed with a hammer and a rifle two men barged through Vinny's Pizza. Co-owner Mario Cassola wasn't ready to give them what they were after. Cassola says, “I protected my investment."

But it wasn't easy. While struggling with one of the robbers, Cassola was hit in the head three times with a hammer. Mario's sister and Co-owner Lia Mercuri nerves had the best of her. But her love for her brother and their business kicked in. She picked up a gun that's kept near the cash register and fired two shots. Her plan worked. The two suspects were distracted and fled the scene.

18-year-old Michael Buck and 23-year-old Vaughn Gulley both from Rockford have been charged with attempted armed robbery and aggravated battery.