Poplar Grove Gets First Grocery/Drug Store

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Driving to the nearest grocery and drug store will soon no longer feel like a mini road trip for shoppers in Poplar Grove. Right now residents drive at least 15 miles to feed their families, but not for long. Poplar Grove is getting its' very own Pacemaker and Snyder Drug Store.

"In this area I think it would be a great idea because it's a long way for us to travel," says Poplar Grove resident Vicky Becker.

And with a longer commute, Poplar Grove residents say they must come prepared.

"I have to make a list always and you have to be thinking all the time when you're in the store did I forget something cause it's a half hour away to go anywhere else," Becker says.

Pacemaker and Snyder Drug is being built on a five-and-a-half acre lot just next to the Countryside Shopping Center. Some say its' the perfect location.

"There's approximately 15,000-18,000 people within a five mile radius of this grocery store so there's a good population to draw from for them," says Village President Roger Day.

Speaking of population, there's a seven percent increase in students attending the North Boone School District. So now the Poplar Grove Village Hall and the Poplar Grove Methodist Church will be bulldozed in exchange for six more classrooms at the elementary school.

Pacemaker and Snyder are expected to be open for business this fall. The new village hall is just about complete. And as for the church, it relocated across town. Both buildings are owned by the North Boone School District.