State Leaders React to MetroCentre

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Instead of debating which hockey team should play in the MetroCentre, some county leaders want an agriculture expo center to come to Rockford.

County board member Randy Olson says he'd like to turn the MetroCentre into an outdoor amphitheater for horse and cattle shows. So we asked state officials what they think, and most are siding with the city.

"I think it's gonna compete with some of the things the MetroCentre had right now as far as space and we've got other organizations around that compete for some of the same organization coming in and some of the same programs," says Representative Chuck Jefferson.

"Until we get the MetroCentre resolved until we get the road and infrastructure problem of this city resolved I think to be adding on more to the wish list just confuses things," says Senator Dave Syverson.

"You can have too many facilities that you can't fully utilize all of them but if they do the studies and they come back I think it's appropriate to do that before you have a vote," says Representative Dave Winters.

As far as funding the MetroCentre, we won't be getting help from the state anytime soon. All three leaders say that money is needed for other projects like the park district and improving the roads.

We just spoke with Icehog co-owner Craig Drecktrah and he says Icehog lawyers will handle any future discussions. And right now, there's no scheduled meetings between the Icehogs and MetroCentre.