Seperating the Facts

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An emergency closed door meeting with the Rockford School Board has been called for Monday night.

As we told you on Friday, the U.S. Attorney's office has notified the school district of a federal investigation and began confiscating equipment, but there are a lot of rumors going around about this investigation. A lot of details we are not being told, some for legal reasons, but anonymous sources tell 23 News that several employees inside the districts Information Technology department may have been running a personal business. The business used school property and some employees may have been using district money to purchase school computers and other equipment. The software might have then been sold privately and workers embezzled the money.

A whistle blower apparently tried to warn the district about this alleged scheme, but after an internal investigation conducted by the district, that employee was regarded as disgruntled and these allegations were dismissed.

But an official close to the district's internal investigation says there is a paper trail that proves there was no scheme. The federal probe may be last-ditch effort by the whistle blower to prove the district wrong. Rockford School Board President Nancy Kalchbrenner has called an emergency board meeting for Monday night. The meeting is a chance for board members to find out exactly what is going on in the district.

If theses allegations are proven true, it could mean millions of dollars in federal grant money will be eliminated. This alleged scheme would have been financed using public school grants, a reason why the U.S. Attorney's office has removed several computers from the districts' IT office.

The loss of those computers will affect the district because several servers control functions of the districts operations. Administrators are trying to determine what disruptions will be felt due to this investigation.