Wisconsin Governor in Beloit

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Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle will be sworn in for his second term Wednesday. The ball has dropped on new year's festivities, but Governor Doyle's new term celebrations are in full swing, complete with resolutions.
"I hope everybody is taking a new year's resolution that let's focus on healthcare, education and jobs, let's focus on the needs of really hardworking middle class families in Wisconsin," says Doyle.
The governor says those will be the main goals of his second term - adding jobs, expanding affordable healthcare and improving schools, he hopes with bipartisan support.
He says, "We have one house in the legislature that's controlled by Democrats and one by Republicans that means we're all going to have to compromise, but if we all come together and say let's get things done, we're going to accomplish a lot."
Doyle says the number one thing he wants to accomplish is improving opportunities for kids. That's why members of Wisconsin's Boys and Girls' clubs took part in his statewide tour today, that ended at sunset in Beloit. All proceeds from the events benefit the clubs.
Says Doyle, "We've been in every corner of Wisconsin. We've really highlighted the future of the young people of Wisconsin."
In the spirit of bipartisanship, Boys and Girls club leaders say their's is a cause anyone can get behind.
"Whichever side of the government you fall on, the youth is important," says Wisconsin Boys and Girls' Clubs Chief Professional Officer.
The official inauguration ceremony will be at the Capitol Rotunda in Madison tomorrow at noon and there will be an inauguration ball at 8 P.M. Tickets for the ball are available for $25, through Ticketmaster.