Fans Speak Out

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There's more to IceHog games than hockey. There's dance moves, cow bells and a common feeling of home team pride. And now fans are giving the thumbs up to county board leaders for deciding to block an American Hockey League team from coming to the Metrocentre.

"The IceHogs ought to stay right where they're at the Metrocentre should go ahead and fit it out but not at the cost of the city getting into private business. City doesn't have any business owning a private industry," says fan Stephen Leombruni.

Rockford city leaders want to sell the IceHogs so they can afford a 9-million dollar renovation to the Metrocentre. But since the county said no, team owners are thankful they're not packing their bags just yet.

"It took a lot of guts what they did and I think they did a great job with that," says co-owner Craig Drecktrah.

Some fans say they're relieved things turned out the way they did and that bringing an AHL team to Rockford would be a huge mistake.

"If you go to an AHL game it's a lot quieter fans aren't involved and it's you you don't get the same sense the guys want to be here," says fan Jamie Nelson.

So whether they're winning, losing or just plain body slamming. Fans are hopeful they can sport IceHog jerseys for years to come.

IceHog owners say they hope to sit down with Metrocentre officials sometime next week and discuss extending their lease.