With One Move

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Last week 23 News Reporter Joe Hamilton's son underwent nerve reconstruction surgery on his shoulder to try and repair several nerves that were severed during birth. There aren't any facilities in the state that perform the surgery. Joe went to Texas and now has hope that his son will be able to use his arm again.

Here is Joe's Story:

My wife Lisa and I are hoping that surgeon's can help restore movement to our son's left arm that was paralyzed during his birth five month's ago. We've brought him to the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, one of the leading hospitals' in the world treating children with brachial plexus injuries.

This complex network of nerves runs along the shoulder that transmits signals from the spine. When these nerves are injured and stretched they can tear and lead to paralysis of the arm. That is what happened to my son Chase. They type of injury Chase has is usually caused by stretching the neck during a traumatic delivery.

Surgeon's spent more than four hours re-constructing and transferring nerves from our son's neck and grafting them to his shoulder. Doctors hope one nerve will now work what four were intended to. When Chase was brought to the recovery room his little body was swollen and scarred from the procedure. It had an effect my wife and myself, as both of us were not prepared for how Chase would look after the operation. But Doctor's believe the surgery went well.

Doctors are giving Chase a better than 60 percent chance that he will be able to use his left arm. But it could be six months or more before we see any results.