Neighborhood Standards

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Right now Neighborhood Standards has four officers looking for problem yards. They're issuing tickets to those with junk strewn lawns and driveways. But because so many homes aren't being kept up properly, Neighborhood Development administrators say their officers need reinforcement.

Three more officers in fact, are wanted to enforce city law. Rockford aldermen are being asked to pay an additional two-hundred thousand dollars to their budget. This money would help make sure garbage and cars are kept off peoples' lawns. And some say it's imperative this request gets approved.

"It's important because we need clean neighborhoods in order to encourage private investments in order to make people feel safe and proud of the neighborhoods they live in," says Alderman Jeff Holt.

If you park your car on a lawn, you could get slapped with a-hundred dollar fine. Neighborhood Standards just started doing this back in August. Since then they've issued about one thousand tickets. However only two-hundred and thirty have actually been paid. Those who don't pay up could get a black mark on their credit. Now the money that's collected goes back into the general fund and helps keep programs like Neighborhood Standards up and running.

Rockford aldermen will vote on the supplemental budget by the end of march.