Shooting Update

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A teenage girl shot in the back this afternoon is in stable condition at Swedish American Hospital. Neighbors say the neighborhood is generally quiet, but has seen it's share of trouble.
"I heard bang bang bang bang, my dog went freakoid, I've never seen her act like that in my whole life and she just freaked out and headed for the door and that's when I went to the door, pulled open the door and the car came zipping right by me," says neighbor Shaleene McCluggage.
Today marks Rockford's third shooting since Sunday. It happened around 3:15 outside 3240 Bindahl Street. The drive-by left a young teenage girl in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the torso and it left a neighborhood in shock.
"I'm ready to move, we just moved in two months ago, but now that this happened right across the street, I'm ready to start looking right now," says neighbor Brian Roop.
Neighbors say the shooting wasn't the first incident of this kind in the neighborhood and some are taking measures to protect themselves.
"We have a videocamera and we usually keep it running at night, not during the day but my son had noticed some kids eyeballing his truck, he has a really nice truck it's covered up outside so he figured well he's gonna set the camera because I didn't get home for another hour and a half just in case and I'll be darned he caught it all," says McCluggage.
Police took the tape for evidence, but not before McClugagge got to see it.
She describes what she saw on the tape: "I could see the car, when I first seen it, it looked brown, now I'm told it's purple, but it's a brownish purple then cause it's dirty color. It was a small one, a small car, there was four people in it, they took off like a bat out of heck though that's for sure."
Mccluggage wants her neighborhood cleaned up and she'll keep watching until that happens.
Mccluggage says she's heard rumors of gang activity on the street, but that's unconfirmed by police. Investigations are underway and right now police are searching for a purple Saturn.
Police say that purple Saturn may also be the suspect vehicle in a "shots fired" report earlier in the day at Hanson Street and Wills Avenue.