Auburn Cheerleaders

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Auburn cheerleaders are moving up the spirit pyramid. No longer are they cheering for touchdowns, they're fighting for a trophy.

"I'm really excited it's our first year competing at Auburn and we have a lot riding on this and we're just really excited to get to compete," says Danielle Matsey, the squad captain.

The squad is competing at the Nic-9 competition in Freeport next month. And then will perform at the Illinois State Competition in Peoria. But for now, it's three practices a week and a change in their line-up.

"I feel this year we've got a really good shot and I brought a bit of different diversity to the squad this year," says squad coach Precious Bowen.

Coach Precious Bowen is new to Auburn. So she thought she'd try something new. Two male cheerleaders made the squad and more tumbling is now in their routine.

"It's really fun cause it brings a lot more energy cause usually it's just chatty girls but now we've got the male influence and it's a change," Matsey says.

Cheerleaders say they can't wait for a chance at the big win. Because in years past they thought they weren't good enough to even try.

If you're interested in rooting on Auburn cheerleaders, the Nic-9 competition is on January 20th in Freeport.