Alpine Dam

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It's barely even started raining and already there's a pool of water standing in Churchill Park. That's because Alpine Dam constantly overflows into the park. And many blame engineers who built it in the 1940's.

"The age of the structure needs to be modernized and we're gonna fight and to everything we can to make sure that happens," says Brian Eber, drainage engineer for the City of Rockford.

The City of Rockford and the Army Corp of Engineers are coming up with ways to keep the dam from overflowing. Right now, it's getting clogged by leaves. And engineers say the still way is a flood risk.

However the Army Corp of Engineers say nothing can be done until the Water Resource Development Act is passed this year.

"Once they pass that act it gives us the authority to do something with the Alpine Dam and then hopefully after they pass the authority then they could provide us funding also," says Ron Fournier, Public Affairs Officer for the Army Corp of Engineers.

Three-hundred thousand dollars are needed to complete a study that would allow engineers to put their plans into action. But until then, they're just monitoring and hoping we don't get another heavy rain like the one that caused the Labor Day Flood.

Some suburbs to our east did get hit with some rain and light flooding today, but at this time, we are not under a flood warning. Meanwhile, Senator Dave Syverson wants to know if funds to fix the Alpine Dam are included in the federal budget.

Once the funding is handed out city engineers say the dam should be fixed within the next five to six years.