West-Side Shooting

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"I know no reason why she's a good lady she's a good person," says neighbor Wayne Fricks.

Neighbors of Tammy King are scratching their heads why anyone would want to hurt her. King was known by many for caring about her teenage kids and those they hung out with.

"I used to go there in the past with my cousin and a couple of relatives and they introduced me to her so I got real close with her, I started going there everyday," Fricks says.

Rockford Police say someone shot at King's home at least ten times, hitting her once in the upper torso, leaving several bullet holes through her west-Rockford home. And due to the amount of shots fired, police say there most likely is a motive. But family members say she's innocent.

"She just took care of everybody and she's so nice and sweet and people learn stuff from her," says Dratwon Eubanks, King's nephew.

Paramedics say King was conscious on her way to Rockford Memorial Hospital. But hospital officials have yet to confirm how she's doing.

Rockford Police say they don't know if the shooter was on foot or shooting from a car. But we do know that person is still on the loose tonight. Police still have not released a description of a suspect.

Police say even though so many people come and go from the home, they don't think drugs are involved in the shooting