Holiday Liquor Law

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Those who plan on hitting up the bars Christmas Eve can hang out a little later this year. A new law in Loves Park allows all bars and liquor stores to stay open until 3 a.m. Hours, McDuffy bar owners say they plan on keeping.

"If there's people in here we're not gonna shut them out if their in. We'll keep doors open till 3am like their supposed to," says McDuffy's Assistant Manager John Harvey.

McDuffy owners are usually open until midnight. They say if it's quiet on Christmas Eve, they'll most likely close up at 6pm. But for new years, the liquor will keep flowing.

"It's good for business it's good all the way around and extra few hours is a good thing," Harvey says.

But not everyone wants a late night. Cork and Bottle owners say they will close up early because they think the business just isn't there. While other liquor stores say they're looking forward to longer hours. The House of Bottles usually closes up at midnight, but owners say they'll stay open as long as there's customers coming through.

"We can make some money like when we open more we get more business it's good for business also," says House of Bottles part-owner Ahsanul Kabil.

This holiday liquor law is optional. So if you plan on hanging out late-night, you might want to call first before hitting up the town.

The law applies to both Christmas and New Years eve and day....and also any future holidays that fall on a Sunday. Again, those hours are from 8am to 3am. Some businesses in Machesney Park are keeping late hours as well. They'll be open until two on Christmas eve and three on New Years.

Rockford businesses won't be open so late Christmas eve. They close at midnight. But as for new years, you can hang out until three in the morning.