Last-Minute Shopping Not Deterred

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Today is one of the busiest days for holiday shopping. It's also the day Derrick Shareef planned to detonate grenades around CherryVale Mall.
The holiday spirit is alive and well at CherryVale Mall, the foiled plot set for today doesn't seem to have kept people away, in fact, the mall was packed all day long.
The rush is on to buy those last minute gifts and neither crowds nor threats of grenades in trash cans are keeping people away.
Last-minute shopper Blake Stokes says, "Coming in here to buy a couple gifts for my girlfriend, for the most part I got the rest of my shopping done, however, I'm going to avoid the trash cans as much as possible."
"Some shoppers may give these guys a wide berth, but most say it's business and shopping as usual."
John Magnuson Jr. says, "I'm not nervous at all, once I saw it in the paper, it really kind of woke me up, like oh my gosh, you know, it's in our own town, it can happen anywhere, but it's not going to keep me from doing my holiday shopping."
Jill Hess says, "Honestly, I didn't even think twice about it, I needed to get stuff done and I'm gonna come here regardless."
The mall's general manager, Mark Peterson, says sales have not fallen off since the threat came out two weeks ago. In fact he says the mall is doing more business this holiday season than last year.
Says Peterson, "The situation really has not impacted the mall traffic, actually mall traffic has been up throughout this holiday season, it's been a great season for us and I think our shoppers realize that CherryVale is a very safe place to shop, we have mall security here 24 hours a day."
No matter what else is going on, some holiday shoppers only have one thing on their minds, Santa.
Most people say they believe the threat is past and they feel safe to finish up those holiday errands.
Law enforcement authorities have stressed that there was no one working with Shareef, still there is extra security at the mall and Cherry Valley Police officers are on hand to step in.