Denver Flight Finally Takes Off

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Disneyland for the Rodriguez family is going to have to wait. Juan and Guadalupe Rodriquez were planning on stopping in Denver before heading to California. But instead they cashed in their tickets after finding out their flight was overbooked. So now their just waiting for a friend to drive them back to Iowa City.

"All my family lives in Denver so we're all alone in Iowa so it's gonna be a lonely Christmas this year," Rodriguez says.

Denver flights have been delayed since Wednesday after two feet of snow blanketed the city. Only two of its' six run-ways are now open, causing many grumbling travelers nationwide. But thick fog has also caused several delays to other RFD destinations. This man has been at the airport for about five hours now.

"Waiting for a flight to go to Orlando and I hope it's gonna be here by the time the weekends over," says Joseph Kielbasa.

Luckily his grandson brought a video game to keep him busy.

"I would have been bored just sitting here most of the time doing nothing," says Joseph J. Kielbasa.

Their flight should take off any minute. And as for the Rodriguez family, they have a three hour car-ride ahead of them

Now if you're expecting family flying in tonight from Denver, chances are they won't be coming. That flight's been canceled. And tomorrow morning's flight to Denver is canceled too. If ticket holders didn't get on a flight already, they'll have to wait till next year.