Denver Snow Impacts Travel Plans

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Right now much of the middle part of the nation is dealing with snow, ice and blizzard conditions. Snow-bound travelers stuck at the Denver Airport are lining up for tickets, but there's no place to go for now. Officials say runways will likely to remain closed until noon Friday. Up to two feet of snow has piled up. City streets are empty. Long stretches of highway around Denver are impassable. The mail can't get through.

What's going on in Denver is having a nationwide impact. Holiday travelers that were hoping to beat the rush and fly out are thinking creatively and quickly. 23 News talked to some travelers at the Chicago-Rockford International Airport to see if they will get home for the holidays.
A picture of skiing and snow is why many are scrambling by plane, train or automobile to get out of Rockford. For Denver residents it's just not home without snow. Denver resident Terry Bass says, “I love the snow so I wish I was there. It's Colorado, everyone loves the snow."

Terry and her brother Jeff Emerichs were supposed to be on their way to the winter wonderland early Friday morning. Emmerichs is a resident in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He says, "My flight originally was through Denver but the flights out of Denver are still backed up till the 27th of December. So that's the earliest I can get to San Jose through Denver."

Wedding bells were supposed to be ringing this weekend for Jeff once he landed. He goes on to say, “We were trying to get married. We were going to go to courthouse in San Jose cause that's where I was going to fly into and then go to City Hall."

Ann-Marie Ihm and her son came to Rockford from Dubuque, Iowa. They had a hunch that their flight to Denver would be cancelled but they never expected to be stuck with so many unavailable options. She tells 23 News, "I've been a nurse for 25 years and as a nurse you always work. This was the first year that it was a lucky situation and I got both holidays off."

Since the skies aren't clear, many at RFD decided to rent their mode of transportation but drivers have been reporting that they've hit major roadblocks and many road closed signs along the way. United is offering a ticket waiver to anyone impacted by the storm. Customers with cancelled flights are eligible for a full refund.