Child Is Dead; Mother Under Investigation

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A 15-month-old baby is dead and her mother is being charged with her death.

Police haven't released the cause of death yet, but neighbors say that the child was neglected and that they have tried to do something about it for weeks.

When neighbors found out that 15-month-old Amanda Stahl was killed Tuesday, they were outraged. They say they have contacted the department of children and family services for weeks about the neglect taking place. But, were basically told to mind their own business.

Katie, who lives across the street from the Stahls, says that she contacted department of children and family services. A couple of times to warn them that the mother, Jennifer Stahl, was neglecting and mistreating her three kids.

They were repeatedly left home alone, never had showers and that their hair was covered in lice. But, she says that she was told to call another agency because it wasn't there problem.

Katie says that she and other neighbors had to take care of the kids from time to time and are just outraged that something like this had to happen.

We were unable to get a hold of DCFS to comment on the case. But, the coroner’s office told us that they are investigating that the 15-month-old may have been suffocated by her mother. As for the other children, police tell us that they are being cared for in protective custody.

Neighbors just say that they believe that this could have been prevented if someone would have listened.