Brothers Prepare to Leave for Iraq

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This photo was taken when all of Jane Bird's kids returned from the war safely. Three of her sons served the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now that they're all getting their lives in order, the military wants them back.

"It was just crushing. I'm so disappointed," Bird says.

One-by-one her sons will leave once again. But this time goodbyes are that much harder.

"I'm just afraid that this time we're not going to be as lucky and I'm going to have to say goodbye to one of my kids for good," she says.

Just last week, her son Adam was contacted by military defense contractor Kellogg Brown and Root. And now, he's already packing his bags. But Adam is not alone, he'll be joined by his band of brothers.

"Garrett's over there, Brett's going to be going over there, I'd rather be over there with them we're all comfortable over there together," Adam says.

Adam will build houses and churches outside of Fallujah. A task he says makes the job well worth it.

"Just the fact that you're over there making a difference you see how happy the nationals are there to work with you you're training them at the same time so when we pull out of the country they'll be able to rebuild," he says.

Something Bird says she hopes the Iraqis are capable of. Because she expects another happy homecoming photo this time next year.

Adam Bird will leave for Houston January 14th, he'll then travel to Fallujah a week later. His brother Brett is based at Fort Campbell with his wife and baby. He'll soon find out whether hes shipping off to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Brett is expected to finish serving by the end of next year. But his mother expects they'll keep him a lot longer since Adam served an extra seven months when he was in Afghanistan.