A Vote to Strike

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That's if the Hononegah school board and the teachers can't come to an agreement. Since August, 118 teachers have been working without a contract.

The Hononegah School District could shut down next Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon, the Hononegah teachers overwhelmingly voted 107 to 6 to walk the picket line if necessary.
Teachers say they don't want to strike since it's not in the best interest of the students. A key issue in this dispute between the board and the teachers is a policy called 5 to 2. This is when the teachers have five periods to teach and two periods to plan or meet with students.

Hononegah School Board President Dave Kurlinkus says some teachers do teach more than five classes a day. The district needs teachers to fill in some of the classes like technology that are hard to find teachers for. Picking up extra hours isn't mandatory and the teachers do get a 20-percent stipend. The teachers union and the school district are set to meet with a federal mediator on Wednesday.