Rockford Bishop Goes Under The Knife

The Rockford Diocese has a positive outlook on the health condition of a long time priest and bishop.

“The bishop is resting more comfortably today than he has over the last four days,” officials said.

That’s good news after Bishop Thomas Doran had one fourth of his left lung removed late last week. Doctors found a cancerous tumor at the Mayo Clinic two weeks ago and quickly decided to operate.

Though the surgery may sound extreme, Dr. Amod Saxena of Swedish American Hospital says going under the knife is usually a good sign. “If a patient has only surgery, that means the patient has an early cancer and the cure rates are high,” he explains.

According to the Diocese of Rockford the bishop’s doctors believe they were able to remove the entire cancerous tumor. They also see no reason to believe that the cancer spread to other locations. The bishop’s doctors say he will need at least six to eight weeks of rest.

Eventually, the 70-year-old bishop will take over his full responsibilities.