Anchor Harvey Strike

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Things are not looking good for striking workers at Freeport's Anchor Harvey Manufacturing Plant. Workers have been on strike since rejecting the companies latest contract offer late last week.

The company is bringing in temporary workers to keep the factory up and running.

About 25 temps showed up for work Monday morning at Anchor Harvey after 79 union members voted to strike last week

"It's really disappointing and disheartening to know that you work some place for 25 years and they treat you like they don't care. Like you're just some number in the workplace. It kind of makes your heart sink," says Local 2127 Member Will Hoeper.

"If they can bring these people in here and they can do our job, more power to them," Local 2127 President Steve Bushey explains.

Local 2127 members say they're not surprised that leaders at Anchor Harvey called in temporary workers.

"We anticipated it but didn't actually know they were coming when they showed up this morning," Bushey says

Bushey and other union member say the company's last offer was a telling sign. Anchor Harvey wants to cut their salaries by 20-percent, freeze pensions, and cut insurance benefits.

Some of these workers walking the picket line believe it's the goal of new company leadership to break their union and try to lure these workers to break the picket line.

"I think the company would rather try to put us out as long as possible to try and break the union. I think that's their goal. I've felt that for a long time and before they started negotiating I thought this would happen. So did a lot of others so we kind of expected this," Hoeper adds.

No new talks are planned between union reps and company leaders. So for now the union members are walking the picket line 24 hours a day in shifts and looking for ways to support their families.

Anchor Harvey makes metal components for the defense industry and companies like Harley Davidson. Leaders at Anchor Harvey would not comment on the strike or temporary workers.