Freedom Packages

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Our service men and women fighting overseas are living without some of life's most basic necessities. We brought you the story of a Rockford woman who is trying to care for troops. But now Linda Hayes is running into a problem completing her goal.

Freedom packages collects items for those serving our country. The most requested items are baby wipes and international calling cards. Linda Hayes organized freedom packages last spring after watching troops head out. She was proud of the troops and wanted to show her thanks.

Over eighty packages have been sent overseas. Organizers are now preparing for Christmas. Right now Linda has $1,200, which will only cover shipping costs. So without more donations her shipping boxes could remain empty. Linda is banking on our help to win a prize from Paul Neuman's organization.

Linda says, "The ten charities that are selected that will win an award this year from "Make A Difference Day" on October 25th will receive $10,000. We're hoping to win that award. If we do all of that $10,000 will go into our kitty to go to the troops overseas again."

If you are interested in donating money to freedom packages there are jars set up throughout town. Various organizations are also coming together to help Linda on Oct 25.

You can drop off supplies at the following sites:
10451 N. Second St.
Memorial Hall
Wal-Mart: East State Street location
Alpine Co. Realtors
All Rockford Fire Departments