High Ticket Demand

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Saturday, tickets for two shows coming to Rockford went on sale. Two big names, Toby Keith and comedian Jerry Seinfeld are making funding woes easier for the MetroCentre.

It's been a busy Saturday at the MetroCentre box office. Tickets to the Toby Keith concert and Jerry Seinfeld were selling at a rate of two tickets per second.

MetroCentre General Manager Corey Pearson says, "We're getting the right shows and the community is responding to that. It's a great feeling."

Jerry Seinfeld is such a good draw that he'll take the stage at the Corondo Theatre twice. When the first show sold out, a second show was added. Adding shows means additional revenue. Money that a cash strapped MetroCentre needs. You might remember that a few weeks ago the MetroCentre asked the Rockford City Council to co-sign on a $700,000 line of credit.

Pearson says the MetroCentre is getting the reputation he's been working to build. Big name acts like Toby Keith are a direct result of Cher coming to Rockford. Pearson says, "Seinfeld is taking a risk on us due to the Friends of the Coronado taking a risk on the Coronado."

Jerry Seinfeld will appear at the Coronado on November 8th, 20003. The first show is at 7 p.m. a second show is at 9:30 p.m. As of Saturday, tickets are still available for Jerry Seinfeld and Toby Keith. Call Centre Events at 968-5222 or go online at centreevents.com