Estwing Manufacturing

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Layoffs strike another Rockford manufacturer. This time Estwing Manufacturing Company eliminates 16 jobs.

"Estwing has laid off 16 employees or just under five percent of the company's workforce. Company leaders say the cuts were necessary to balance inventory but news of the layoffs still came as a surprise to workers," says Estwing employee Drardo Castaneda.

While many celebrated the release a positive us job report Friday, layoffs were the talk around Estwing Manufacturing Plant Friday afternoon. News that the company eliminated 16 jobs at its 8th Street plant caught some workers off guard.

"I was surprised," adds Castenado.

Workers say production has been slow in these tough economic times at the plant that manufactures hammers, blade and other tools but they still didn't expect layoffs to come so quickly.

"Since I've been here we've never had anything like this. This is different, new but not good," Castenado says.

Castenda feels lucky to be driving away from Estwing Friday knowing he still has a job on Monday. But he and many other workers still worry about what the future holds.

Two years ago Estwing laid off a couple dozen employees. Company leaders won't say if more layoffs are planned.

Most of the layoffs hit the company's first shift. Estwing issued a brief statement about the layoffs but would not comment on camera.