Public Forum

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The Rockford School District is trying to get students, parents and tax payers to understand why zoned schools is the best move right now. A public forum drew in all sorts of concerns and left board members with a lot to think about. What was stated over and over again, “Slow Down.” Parents don't understand why it took months of debate the proper way to change Attendance Zones. Now that the lines are drawn, a decision to move away from choice only gets about a month to sink in. About 70 parents attended the forum. Speakers got about 3 minutes to make their points. The responses that got the most reaction from the crowd discussed how the move will push the district back to the desegregation lawsuit. Also, what will be done with the millions of dollars Zoned schools will save? Will the district invest in deteriorating schools? Many still don't understand what criteria this plan is based on and question why the socioeconomic status at all schools is not equal.

Auburn Track Coach and Parent Chris Newston states, "I believe in neighborhood schools but the boundaries I don't believe in. As a coach the way the boundaries are set up a lot of the talent is leaving this side of town."

Michelle Vosberg who is a mother of 2 says, “I am completely for attendance zones. I want to know where my child is going to go for middle/high school. I think it helps the kids if they know the kids that they've grown up with and they move on through the schools with them."

All school board members were present at the forum. The decision will be in their hands come January 9th. You have till December 20th to write your thoughts out to board members. Look for an attendance form comment sheet at the board office or at your child’s school.