More New Homes Coming to Boone County

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It's become a familiar sound in Boone County. The sound of more and more homes being built, especially on the stretch of road between Belvidere and Rockford. One builder is getting a jump start on the new year, by hosting a six-model open house. Homes like this one will go for about 350-thousand dollars.

"We're hoping with these higher income homes we can start to attract those that work in Belvidere to live in Belvidere," says Adam Tegen, Planning Director for Boone County.

About two-hundred homes should be ready sometime next year. These houses cost more than the average 180-thousand dollar home. They range from the two-hundreds to a-million dollars.

"Belvidere is in a unique spot, it has a lot of attractions, who want a new home for a more reasonable price than you would see in the suburbs so I think our housing market will stay stronger than other areas because of that factor," Tegen says.

But not everyone likes the idea of Boone County becoming a housing hot spot. Mitchell Martinak moved to Belvidere from Lake in the Hills for a quieter home life.

"In the back you get up in the morning and there's deer wondering around there but I wonder how long that's gonna last if they keep building around here," says Belvidere resident Mitchell Martinak.

Right now, building permits are down just a bit. However county leaders say 2007 should be a rather busy year.