Out Of School Experience

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Some Harlem High School students are some pretty good “secret-keepers.” The teens went on a school trip a few months back and came back with quite a souvenir. But it wasn't until now that many parents are finding out exactly what happened.

Students headed to Chana on August 29th. Now a lot of details about this trip are still unknown but a picture that was sent to the 23 Newsroom has many parents questioning what type of educational opportunity their child really received. It's hard to make out what some of the students are holding but 23 News arrows point to weapons, some real and some fake. Months later the details of this trip leaked out from a student to their parent. The students were in Chana with teacher Sandy Thiess learning about business opportunities. The group went to visit an auction house and a picture was taken after the visit. Thursday night, December 14, 2006 the Harlem School Board is going to have a discipline hearing regarding the teachers actions during this trip. A number of parents are expected to attend the meeting to question why the details of this trip was not released to parents earlier then December 1st. Superintendent Dr. Pat DeLuca gave issued this statement to 23 News, "Any student or employee discipline is a confidential matter and he is not at liberty to discuss this."

The board meeting is set for 5 p.m. When this item comes up board members will go behind closed doors to determine if the teacher will be fired or just suspended for some amount of time. In the districts discipline policy it says a student who uses, possesses or has an object that looks like a weapon could be expelled. But Superintendent DeLuca and board make the decision on a case by case basis. Dr. Deluca tells 23 News that “Often times it's a matter of defining intent to harm, intimidate or scare.”