A Local Company Supports Our Troops

Almost every man or woman wearing a uniform, every soldier carrying a gun, also has a 9 to 5 back home. Major Jerry Newman is one of them. He is a National Guardsman, and works at Raynor in Dixon.

"It’s not a one weekend a month, two weeks in the summer; there is a ton of hours that you put in outside of the guard and after you get done at work.”

In celebration of the guards 370th birthday the Illinois National Guard presented a cake to Raynor, praising the company’s commitment to its employees in fatigues.

Mary Whelan is the Director of Human Relations at Raynor.

“When they are called to serve Raynor wants to make sure that those employees are there serving the country, they are not worried about their jobs or their families here, and that were taking care of that.”

Raynor does that by continuing 401K plans and health insurance for employees during deployment. They also pay any loss in salary during time served.

Major Newman says the company treats its employees like family.

“They certainly reached out numerous times and stayed in touch with my family while I was gone, and assured that everything was ok with them that they were fine. And if there was anything they could do for them, while I was gone. So they are a really caring company.”

A company that allows Major Newman to concentrate on the task at hand, whether it is on the job or on the battlefield.