Sales Tax Proposal

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This may be the last year shoppers in Boone County will pay less than seven percent for sales tax. County leaders want to bump the tax to seven and a quarter, half-a-cent more than it is now. The owner of Steve's Autobody says he's all for it, if it means a boost to county services.

"If the courthouse needs it, Belvidere and Boone County is growing so the courthouse probably needs to be revamped or larger. If it's a good thing, I'm for it," says Steve Cadie, owner of Steve's Automotive.

The tax will help fund public safety programs and some new sheriff services. This frees up money from the general fund, allowing for some courthouse expansions.

While smaller items won't cost much more money, customers at Mattresses Plus could pay quite a bit more. Something owner Wally Jozefiak says is unfair.

"I don't like it cause people go to Rockford and when you're talking percent they go to Belvidere," says Wally Jozefiak, owner of Mattresses Plus.

If this passes, businesses in Boone County would charge the same sales tax rate as those in Winnebago County. Putting Boone County as one the most expensive places to shop in the Stateline area.

The board will discuss the sales tax increase at tonight's meeting, where they could possibly take a vote. If it passes, the proposal will show up on the April ballot. The last time a sales tax increase was approved and passed was in April of 99', which helped fund construction of the county jail.

Not everything will cost more in Boone county. Groceries, medicine and titled cars are all exempt from the sales tax increase.