Drive by Shootings

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Five bullets missed hitting Bonnie Aviles by a few feet late Sunday night. She was sleeping when she heard glass shattering.

"And then I started looking around and I came out here and I found all the bullet holes," Aviles said.

The shooters must have been using a high powered weapon. One of the bullets went through the kitchen, into the bathroom, through her bedroom wall and finally got stuck in her opposite bedroom wall.

“Anybody could have been in here. Anybody could have gotten shot. My foster son gets something in the middle of the night I'm always up and down, up and down because I have sleep deprivation. I could have been laying on the floor and nobody would know," Aviles said.

Most of the damage is in Aviles' kitchen. One bullet was stopped by her Christmas turkey. Police believe there is more than one gunman to blame for the shootings.

"There seems to have been a little spike over the weekend so we're doing all we can and doing what we have to do to bring those people to justice," said Rockford police chief Chet Epperson.

"There's a lot of teenagers in the neighborhood but nothing like this before, it's a little scary," said Rebecca Gillette, a neighbor.

No one was hurt in the shootings... And so far no arrests have been made.