Chrysler Law Suit

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Tonight, members of United Auto Workers 1268 are busy raising funds for their recently filed law suit.
The UAW filed an unfair labor practice charge against Daimler-Chrysler. This stems from some negotiating changes to the contract that were made without any local input.
The grievance is on behalf of the 2-year temporary workers, hired as "enhanced temporary employees."
Former employees say hunreds of temporary workers have been fired since September, some after only 90 days on the job.
"We're suing for our jobs back, for back pay, punitive damages, they've devestated a lot of lives. There's probably close to 450 people out of a job that 6 months ago or a year ago we'ren't," says Kim Francke, a leader of the class action suit.
We were unable to reach Chrysler today for comment. To learn more about the lawsuit, call Kim Francke at 608-295-1750 or Danielle Worden at 608-931-3446.