Outsourcing Your Christmas Lights

“I really like having Christmas lights, like putting them up. But I hate taking them down.”

That’s why Gary Elgin of Rockford has paid Lights on Landscape Lighting to put up his lights for the last few years.

Al Titterton is the man in charge of the whole operation.

“We can use your stuff; we can use our stuff. We're doing it full time and we're able to provide a full service; we put it up, and we take it down. We warranty the material we sell, where a lot of the others wouldn't.”

“We started this year doing it the first of August because you can only do so many a day and we're still doing them.”

“I couldn’t tell you an average cost because every house is different. We do some as low as $100 including lights; older people we give discounts to.”

“We actually do more residential than commercial, this next year though we are doing some design work with a major company out of Kansas City. We're going to use cards and animate that that’s the reason for this facility here, so we can get some experience with computerization as well as programming.”