Police investigate Baby Injury

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Edgewater day care is temporarily closed as police investigate the circumstances surrounding a severe head injury to an eight month old baby. One of the day care workers called 911 Tuesday after she says the boy fell out of a chair.

"She noticed the baby was somewhat unresponsive and contacted the fire department," said Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark.

The baby is doing much better. After suffering from severe head injuries he's now awake and alert. But the investigation continues.

"At this point we're trying to determine where this injury happened and how did it happen?" Lindmark remarked.

So far police have not found any evidence that would give them reason to arrest the day care provider or the parents.

"We have no prior incidents involving the parents or day care as far as past incidents involving children," Lindmark said.

There were three other children at Edgewater day care at the time of the incident. Police say the day care will remain closed until the investigation is complete.

"If the injury was caused by an accident you still have to look at the possibility of neglect," Lindmark said.

We tried contacting the day care provider to get their side of the story but they did not answer the door or respond to our phone calls.