Vandals Target Senior Building Parking lot

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Destroyed. One, two, even all four tires of cars parked outside Faust Landmark Apartments are beyond repair. Someone punctured the tires of nearly 75 cars belonging to the elderly and disabled.

"I think it's terrible. That there's people in this world that will do that when they know they can see all these handicapped license plates on these cars," says Pauline Cloyd, whose tire was destroyed.

Pauline Cloyd parks her Pontiac Grand Am here. And when she drove to her doctor's appointment...

"I noticed that my car was shimmying when I was going down the street."

Luckily, Cloyd made it home safely. And now it's "her car" going in for the doctor's visit.

Cameras are posted outside Faust Landmark Apartments. However due to the cold weather, the picture was unclear, making it difficult to identify a suspect.

Faust Landmark Supervisors say about 85-percent of cars parked in the lot have tires destroyed, making it the biggest act of vandalism in Faust Landmark history.

Rockford Police continue to take police reports. So far no suspects have been identified.