Serving it Up for Funds

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Budget cuts, ascribed from the state have health officials thinking outside of the box. On Saturday the Health Department held an auction.

This year health departments state wide have had their funding grants slashed, but the demand for certain programs has skyrocketed. So now departments across the state are being forced by tough economic times to find their own sources of funding.

Local politicians were calling on residents to try and help the Stephenson County Health Department make up for some of the funds they've lost from budget cuts. An auction along with tips from waiting tables could raise more than $5,000 for medication and equipment purchases. Without raising extra money, the health department says they will be forced to eliminate some crucial programs that many women and children depend on.

As state agencies continue to see their budgets cut, we could see more departments trying to fill funding gaps themselves, but this unique fundraising approach could have its drawbacks. If the state believes that agencies are able to fend for themselves, they could see even more cuts next year.