Explaining Attendance Zones

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After months of debate, the Rockford School District had to decide whether “choice” should stay or go. But the new Attendance Zones might not be the “choice” parents are willing to live without.

For some at Tuesday night’s Parent Council meeting it was the first time they could really see where the lines have been drawn. But the fear is that there will be parents who will never know the new student assignment plan till it's too late. The Parent Council's biggest criticism of this is that the district isn't listening to parents. Past surveys have stated that an overwhelming amount of parents in the district like to have a “choice.” Those on the west side want “choice” but those on the east side of town want neighborhood schools. With so much information and only about a month to spread the word parents wonder why this is on such a fast track.

Parent Council President Jeanne Westholder says, “We've been feeling that way for a long time. That was certainly the outcome of our meeting on August 24th. We had a very large turnout and that continues to be the consensus. I think that was evident tonight."

Now here are your options if you are still wondering what will happen when the proposed zones go into effect. You can attend the board meeting on December 12th. You can also go on the district's website www.rps205.com and fill out a comment form. Also you can step inside your child's school and you will find maps and a place to write your opinion. There will be a public forum at Auburn High School on December 14th at 5:30 p.m. The board will vote on this on January 9th.